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Shipping To USA From UAE: See The Best Option To Choose.


Shipping To USA From UAEShipping to USA from UAE service is done in two ways. Knowing the pros and cons of these methods, that is, by air or sea, you can decide which is best for you. Global Cargo And Logistics GCL always presents either ways or also advice on the best option to choose.


US importers make up a large chunk of world import statistics compared to any other country in the world. Exporters and manufacturers worldwide are constantly trying to establish more business relationships with the country for better profit shares. However, if you want to ship to the US, you must be up to date with shipping to USA from UAE.


Shipping To USA From UAE Customs Clearance

Regardless of what you are shipping to USA from UAE, compliance with customs regulations is vital. It can also be confusing because many are transferring the responsibility to shipping experts like Global Cargo And Logistics GCL. Using experts to handle the complexities of customs, you can avoid unnecessary delays and ensure you comply with local and international shipping regulations.


However, don’t expect your operator to do all the work. All shippers must complete the documents that must accompany their shipments through customs controls in the UAE and USA. Customs officials generally need to see:

A commercial invoice

A packing list

A certificate of origin

A letter of credit or other payment terms (according to the contract between the parties involved)

A guide for sea freight or an air waybill for air freight Global Cargo And Logistics GCL will provide it to you)

Your operator will inform you if additional documentation is required.


Sea Freight to USA from UAE

SEA SHIPPING TO USALess than Container Load: With this shipping type, your goods are shipped in what is called a shared container (SC) on board a cargo ship. Some users find this to be the most cost-effective way of shipping to USA from UAE.


Full Container Load (FCL) – If you want to use a container only for your goods, FCL is the shipping mode for you. You pay a flat fee to hire a container, which you could fill or partially fill with your items. Full Container Load shipping is faster and cheaper than LCL shipping, particularly for bigger consignments.


Air Freight to USA from UAE

AIR SHIPPING TO USAIf your products need to reach the USA quickly and the cost is no problem, choose air shipping. There is no faster way to get your cargo to USA from UAE; however, it will cost more than sea shipping, much more in some cases.


Shipping To USA From UAE: How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of shipping to USA from UAE is affected by several factors, including:

What kind of goods do you ship?


How Much Does Your Load Weigh?

The distance between the origin and destination of your goods!

Regardless of whether you ship by air or by LCL or FCL shipment

Whether you want a door to door delivery or some other option, like port-to-port


There is probably not much price difference between air freight and ocean freight for goods weighing less than 100 kg. For goods of more than this weight, sea shipping is usually cheaper than air transport.


Shipping To USA From UAE: How Long Does It Take?

There is a big difference between the time it takes to send air freight from the UAE to the US and ocean freight. Some air freight transports, for example, from Dubai to New York, can be completed in just two days. Most last between four and eight days.


Shipping To USA From UAE By Sea: How Long Does It Take?

The fastest time you should wait for your provider to ship a container to USA from UAE is 30 days.


Shipping To USA From UAE By Air: How Long Does It Take?

As mentioned earlier, shipping times from Dubai to various destinations in the USA; to Seattle, Atlanta, Miami, San Francisco, Detroit, Los Angeles, or maybe Cincinnati 2-4 days


Shipping To USA From UAE: Should I Choose Sea Or Air Freight?

Sea Freight

It takes between 38 and 50 days to move a shipping container from the United Arab Emirates to the United States aboard a cargo ship. However, if your shipment is not suitable for flying aboard an aircraft, or if your budget does not cover the cost of air freight, then sea freight is your best option.


You can ship most types of ocean freight in a 20 or 40-foot container. If certain conditions must be met for your goods during shipping to USA from UAE, for example, a constant temperature, your provider would explain the special container options available to you. They can ship all containers to USA from UAE in 2 methods: FCL or perhaps LCL, as said earlier. What helps you decide between the two is the weight of your goods.


LCL Freight Shipping thoughts

Businesses often choose LCL shipping when:

  • Your shipment does not exceed 14 CBM.
  • The products they ship can be safely shipped with others in a container.
  • Air travel is either too expensive or just not an option.
  • Your items are not needed so quickly in the USA.
  • The LCL method can take longer than FCL shipment.


You May Want To Avoid LCL Shipping If:

The items you send do not survive a long journey, for example, food or flowers.

You are concerned that your shipment is being moved or manipulated too much.

You cannot afford to delay your shipment.

The products you ship are large, heavy, or inappropriate to share a container with others.


FCL Freight Shipping thoughts

Full Container Load shipment may be the best option for your shipment if:

  • Not suitable for shared container shipping
  • Required for on certain date in the USA!
  • Over 14 CBM!
  • Heavy



Consider air shipping to USA from UAE if you are sending:

Perishable items that need to get to their destination quickly!

It is light and small enough to fill a maximum of two or three pallets!

It is of great value and requires the protection of strict airline and airport security protocols.


Lastly, shipping to USA from UAE is pretty easy these days. The only thing you need to consider is choosing the right shipping service, like Global Cargo And Logistics GCL, who can provide you with customized solutions for your shipping needs. You can request a free quote to get an idea of ​​shipping to USA from UAE services.

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